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August 3, 2018

February 6, 2018

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December 27, 2019



“Speed? It’s been going on for 22 months. 2.5 years actually. But I think we’re not moving with speed. This, was it 2.5 years ago that they initiated the Mueller investigation?”


Ever since President Donald Trump won the 2016 election, the Democrats have been after him. After their failed Russia investigation, Nancy Pelosi attempted to impeach


President Trump based on nothing other than her and her fellow Democrats’ irrational hatred towards their President. Just three days before the vote, she admitted that the Democrats have been working on achieving impeachment for two-and-a-half years. She admitted what has been becoming increasingly clear to the American people—the Democrats didn’t impeach the President (in the House) on the 13th of December because he committed a crime—they impeached him because his goals in Making America Great Again impose upon their anti-American crusade which has been upheld by nearly every U.S. President before President Trump.


On the 10th of December at the Politico’s Women Rule Summit, Speaker Pelosi was asked to comment on why she was moving so fast with impeachment and her reason was:


“…It’s been going on for 22 months. 2.5 years actually. But I think we’re not moving with speed. This, was it 2.5 years ago that they initiated the Mueller investigation?” (1)


The Left’s campaign to impeach President Trump actually began on the very day of his inauguration, January 20, 2017. The same day The Washington Post published an article headlined "The Campaign to Impeach President Trump Has Begun”. Ever since then, the Democrats have been looking for mistakes made by President Trump that they can use against him. (6)


The Mueller Report was the first hoax that the Democrats launched against President Trump accusing him of colluding with Russia to defeat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. The Democrats based it on a mixture of fabricated evidence. Nevertheless, the Democrats and the mainstream media were laser-focused on this matter day on out for years. Despite having zero evidence, the Dems achieved an investigation that lasted for two whole years. By the end of this “investigation”, it was confirmed that there was ‘no collusion’ and that 35 million in tax dollars was wasted. (2)


Failing the first time, the Democrats came up with their second narrative to take down President Trump—the Ukraine scandal. This time around they accused President Trump of asking a foreign country to help him win the 2020 election. The Democrats came with second-hand, no-name whistleblowers—both of whom disappeared after mild probing, and deceptive interpretations of the transcripts that President Trump released. Again, no evidence was found to prove these accusations held any merit.


The only evidence found of illegal activity was connected to the Democrat’s very own 2020 presidential candidate, Joe Biden. By bringing attention to President Trump’s phone call with Ukraine, it was allegedly discovered that former Vice President Biden used his power to halt an investigation into a Ukrainian gas company where his son was working.


At the time Biden was tasked with overseeing Ukraine in the White House and his son, Hunter Biden, sat on the board of Ukrainian gas company Burisma. Hunter Biden was paid $50 million a month for no discernible work and in response to the investigation, Joe Biden got Ukraine’s leading prosecutor fired. (8)


The irony of every accusation Democrats have thrown President Trump’s direction is that it has generally been committed by one of their own in the past or present. Regardless, they continued to run with their narrative all the way up to impeachment day.


While the Democrats were able to lead their impeachment mission up to the House on the 13th of December, their game turned for the worse when zero Republicans voted for their articles. Speaker Pelosi is currently holding back the articles from the Senate where the Republicans hold a majority knowing it will not be passed. Even without a final vote in the Senate the Democrats have only suffered from the impeachment process.


Since Speaker Pelosi initiated her impeachment hearings, support for impeachment has declined. An Emerson poll found that support for impeachment has flipped since October from 48% supporting impeachment and 44% opposing to now 43% supporting impeachment and 45% opposing. In addition, President Trump’s approval rating has increased to 48% approval and 47% disapproval. (3) 


To add the cherry on top, the same day of the public impeachment hearing President Trump’s 2020 election campaign raised $3.1 million in donations to fight back against the Democrats baseless witch hunt. (5)


All in all, the impeachment hearings have left President Trump with more support from the American people than before and an increased skepticism of the Democrats. The one thing Nancy Pelosi and her fellow puppets accomplished was exposing their malicious and vindictive nature for all of America to witness. Congressman of the House Judiciary Committee, Matt Gaetz, told Fox News:


“Democrats failed to meet the standard they set for themselves. They promised us a bipartisan impeachment. In reality the only bipartisan vote was a bipartisan vote against impeachment. They promised us that these hearings would animate a lot of public support for impeachment and we haven’t seen that either. The American people hate this and if Congress continues it, they may end up hating us.” (4)


Following these serious failures, it is no wonder Speaker Pelosi rushed the ‘show’ to the vote. Here are the impeachment results of the House vote against President Trump (7):


Voted YES: 229 Democrats, 0 Republicans

Voted NO: 195 Republicans, 2 Democrats


Not one Republican supported the impeachment of President Trump. After the vote, the fact remained that the Trump-Ukraine narrative and the impeachment proceedings were nothing more than a partisan plot.


While the Democrats painted the impeachment process as a “solemn” and regretful act in the House of Representatives, it did nothing to President Trump and the American people other than unify them further. One can only hope that the Democrats learn from their mistakes and finally admit defeat but if their behavior has proved anything to the American people, it is that they will waste time by going to great lengths to try and destroy the United States.



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