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August 3, 2018

February 6, 2018

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To all Victims of Pedophilia

December 6, 2017

Shown in picture: inappropriate toucher and former Vice-President of the United States of America Joe Biden receiving the Medal of Freedom, given by former President Barack Obama, both of whom are corrupted and will face justice for their crimes against humanity


This article is dedicated to all victims of pedophilia. No one deserves this abuse, and the fact you’re still here currently dealing with or having overcome a variety of obstacles including but not limited to STD infection, depression, drug addiction, and suicide attempts, is huge. The fact you have stopped the cycle of abuse when it’s very likely the person who abused you was also a victim but didn’t stop themselves from harming others, you’re a true role model. All the respect to every single one of you, and thank you for being here.


Pedophilia is a unique mental illness which operates under the radar. Oftentimes the abuse creates a quiet victim too ashamed or terrified to speak out. Many well meaning people also avoid the topic for a number of reasons, the main being it’s “uncomfortable”. This stigma, along with potential security reasons, pushes victims to bury their trauma to avoid discussing the topic, believing “no one wants to listen”. It’s important to understand how this epidemic has negatively impacted all of humanity. Even if you are not a victim yourself, chances are extremely high you know someone who is a victim of this abuse. Chances are you have met at least one unsuspecting pedophile in your life, and/or were targeted by one who didn’t follow through. Even if you don’t know someone who was a victim directly, you have been affected by some aspect of fallout from a victim’s trauma. For example, X gets molested as a child, but never gets over the trauma and becomes an angry and depressed adult; X works at the coffee shop you visit every day, thus you are still dealing with the energy of their trauma regardless of whether or not you actually discuss the topic. Many can’t face the fact someone would be a pedophile because they’re benevolent, and if someone is heinous enough to do this, what does that say about the rest of humanity? These scenarios are all symptoms of pedophilia’s corruption, and can’t be overlooked. Pedophilia succeeds when it influences a benevolent human not to trust the rest of humanity, which is overwhelmingly benevolent. It also succeeds when it corrupts the foundation of open communication humanity needs to thrive. Despite why the general public avoids the topic, if we do not discuss and educate ourselves about pedophilia we will never be able to effectively eradicate it. Likewise, any halt of discussions regarding how to better humanity by eradicating pedophilia directly supports pedophilia. The trauma from all abuse deserves proper recognition.


Let’s face the facts:


- The real prevalence of child sexual abuse is not known because many victims do not disclose or report their abuse. Researchers have suggested rates varying from 1% to 35%. Most professionals in the field of abuse use rates from 8% to 20%. (5) 


- About 40% of sexually abused children do not exhibit symptoms of abuse. (1)


- 73% of child victims do not tell anyone about the abuse for at least a year. 45% of victims do not tell anyone for at least 5 years. Some never disclose. (5)


- It is a common assumption a child will give one detailed, clear account of abuse. This is not consistent with research; disclosures often unfold gradually and may be presented in a series of hints. A child might imply something happened without directly stating they were sexually abused, and they may be testing the reaction to their “hint.” If they are ready, children may then follow with a larger hint if they think it will be handled well. (1)


- Roughly 1 in 5 girls (20%) and 1 in 20 boys (5%) is a victim of sexual assault. (3)


- About 82% of child victims of sexual abuse are female. (1)


- Males tend not to report their abuse, which may affect statistics. To this day many men feel societal pressure to be proud of early sexual activity, regardless of whether it was unwanted. (1)


- Children who do not live with both parents as well as children living in homes marked by parental discord, divorce, or domestic violence, have a higher risk of being sexually abused. (3)


- Only about 30% of child sexual assault is reported. (1)


- In 2015 (the most recent year of available data), 57,286 cases of child sexual assault were reported in the US.(2) If only 30% of instances are reported, that means at least 190,953 instances of pedophilia occurred in the US in 2015; this is still a lower estimate of the true number of instances, as many go unreported due to a variety of legal failings including statute of limitations, and/or disclosures which happen later into adulthood.


- About 60% of perpetrators are known to the child but aren’t family, e.g. neighbors, family friends, etc. About 30% of perpetrators are family members. ~10% of abuse comes from strangers. (1) 


- 23% of reported cases of child sexual abuse are perpetrated by fellow children under the age of 18. (1)


- Children are most likely to disclose the abuse to a friend, sibling, or mother. Few disclose abuse to authorities or professionals; of all professionals, teachers are told most. (1)


- Assault can lead to more assault; children who had an experience of rape or attempted rape in their adolescent years were 13.7 times more likely to experience rape or attempted rape in their first year of college. (3)


Inside the typical USA family, adults are expected to raise their child in an appropriate manner. Outside of the family, other adults are responsible for acting appropriately with children. Every time a pedophile commits a lewd act against a child, they are deliberately taking advantage of the power that comes with the delicate teaching/learning process present in all benevolent adult-child relationships. Regardless of the pedophile’s reasoning, the underlying purpose of their actions is to corrupt another human being and start or continue a cycle of abuse. Not every pedophile was abused as a child, but adults who were abused as a child are far more likely to abuse children. A child who is abused is more likely to hurt themselves and others, creating more abuse. The effects of this illness are almost boundless and distract humanity from eliminating pedophilia altogether, thus creating more suffering. 


Pedophilia Around the World


Year after year there are millions of cases of deplorable pedophiles permanently imprinting their corrupted perversions onto children, and we continue to tolerate this disgusting sickness intent on hurting our children and ultimately our entire human family. Since there are still pedophiles on this planet, it’s clear pedophilia is still tolerated by humanity. There are even organizations such as NAMbLA (North American Man/boy Love Association) https://www.nambla.org/ who believe pedophilia is "beautiful", and seek to end the stigma behind it. The normalization of pedophilia is also perpetuated by factions of the media who believe pedophilia is not a crime https://www.nytimes.com Pedophilia is supported by governments around the world where marriage or sexual consent between adults and children under 18 is legal; globally, the age of consent ranges between 12 - 21. We have even seen France recently push for a drop in the legal age of consent to 13 https://www.yahoo.com. Subsets of intolerant communities where homosexuality is condemned or illegal are guilty of supporting same sex pedophilia as well, from Afghani “dancing boys” aka Bacha Bazi http://www.dailymail.co.uk to parts of the Catholic church who outright forgive pedophile members https://dailydealss.info. Because the corruption from pedophilia affects all of us even if it’s in very slight ways, every benevolent human is responsible for exposing and banishing pedophiles from existence. The good news is pedophiles are being exposed left and right and losing power as humanity opens up to discussing these despicable sexual criminal acts. The only way we can eliminate this problem entirely is to attack the issue head on through coordinated education and communication efforts. This means speaking openly and truthfully about abuse to end the stigma of victimization, letting children know they have safe adults they can confide in, and everyone thoroughly examining the pedophile to learn how they operate. Once we fully understand the pedophile, we can see the warning signs, and recognize and stop them before they harm children and humanity as a whole, eventually eliminating them altogether.


Here is a long albeit partial list of pedophiles convicted in 2017. This list implicates family members, boyfriends/girlfriends/wives/husbands, and many previously trusted members of the community. If you read through the details of many of these cases, you will be able to see how they operate and proposition their victims.


Click here for list of convicted pedophiles (Download)


This list is sourced from various news outlets, and includes almost every single 2017 ICE orchestrated pedophilia conviction from the start of the year, as well as some from the FBI’s press release database. A lot of the above convictions stem from guilty pleas, but oftentimes even when the pedophile didn't admit guilt, there was solid evidence from being caught red handed with illegal data on their drives, computers, devices, etc. Humanity can rest assured, not many, if any, innocents are being jailed for pedophilia in the USA this year given the evidence against those convicted. To search for even more pedophiles yourself, look through any convictions or guilty pleas from local news sites, your local court systems, and/or utilize the FBI database https://www.fbi.gov, searching within a specific year, and using terms “child”; this will implicate thousands more than those listed above.


This list also does not include thousands of arrests and indictments from this year, of which many were caught red handed with evidence or in sting operations, and simply have yet to be prosecuted. Many large busts have been made this year including: 350 arrested in the US in big online child porn bust https://www.rt.com, 474 arrested in human trafficking ring in California with 28 children rescued http://ktla.com, 1,020 arrested in country-wide sex trafficking operation http://ktla.com, 120 arrested in sting operations and 84 children saved https://www.fbi.gov, 752 arrested for sex trafficking of adults and children http://abc7chicago.com, 79 arrested in NJ and a few out of state including cops and government employees in massive sting with people buying kids as young as 4 for sex http://www.thelastamericanvagabond.com, three brothers who hid evidence of Satanic ritual abuse and murder of children all over their Seattle property http://www.kiro7.com, 26 arrested and 8 children saved in Washington https://www.ice.gov, and more.


Many big names have been arrested or indicted this year including: DeBlasio employee Jacob Schwartz https://nypost.com, California Deputy Attorney General Raymond Liddy http://www.dailymail.co.uk, Palm Beach County Deputy Adam W. Godbey http://www.latimes.com, Stillwater Mayor Rick Nelson http://wnyt.com Youtube star Austin Jones http://us.blastingnews.com, Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s brother Bruce Paddock http://www.businessinsider.com (we do not confirm at this point that Stephen Paddock was the actual shooter), an employee of Trump’s voter commission fraud Ronald Williams II https://www.washingtonpost.com, Jerry Sandusky’s son Jeff Sandusky https://www.nbcnews.com, Winston Mayor Kenneth Lewis Barrett https://www.nrtoday.com, Randolph Mayor Dwayne Schutt http://siouxcityjournal.com, and former Clayton Mayor Dale Kenyon http://www.watertowndailytimes.com.


Analyzing the Convictions


As you can see from the raw data collected, a large majority of convicted pedophiles work with or around children, of course. This is a widely known and logical placement for these predators. As we know from data collected outside of human trafficking operations, most pedophiles know the child they victimize and random attacks are far less likely. Pedophiles employ a process called grooming http://www.privatefamilymatter.com, where they slowly gain the trust of potential victims and their families over time, thus making them undetectable. Among those convicted this year are people in positions of direct power over the child: teacher, sports coach, politician, youth pastor, child counselor, babysitter, boy scout volunteer, child exploitation investigator, to name a few.

Why are the large majority (90 plus percent) men, who had access to children in their hobbies, or volunteer/paid work? Obviously not every man is a child molester, and many women are pedophiles as well. But we must ask, what is going on with the men in our society that causes them to disproportionately molest children? One answer is: men are conditioned to like younger and younger females through media and pornography. If you observe TV, movies, music, commercials/ads, and fashion trends for children objectively, the sexualization of children is obvious and has only increased in recent decades. The increasingly sexualized portrayal of children in TV and movies has also brainwashed children, especially girls, into acting more adult. Together, this creates a scenario where an adult will justify being with a child despite knowing it’s wrong, and a brainwashed child will be more likely to accept being in an adult situation. At the end of the day, regardless of what the child thinks, says, or whether they are “asking for it” or not, the adult is always responsible for acting appropriately because children are not capable of consenting or rather, not consenting. To children, adults are authority figures who have the final say. Even if a child has been explicitly told how to recognize sexual assault, there is no guarantee they can stop it. There is no guarantee the assault isn’t coming from a figure who holds great power over their life, and/or threatens them to stay quiet.

Sometimes, the child is too young to even speak. How is that fair? It’s not, and is never acceptable.


A great number of pedophile convictions stem from online sting operations. It’s important to note, child porn is never acceptable to view even if the excuse is it ”curbs the pedophile’s urges” it still hurts the child being exploited in the video and creates a market for more child torture and abuse. Thankfully many pedophiles prosecuted this year are sentenced to many years to life in prison, or have long enough sentences which ensure children won't be put at risk again, for example, a 120 year sentence, or a 13 year sentence for a 70 year old man. Naturally there will always be instances where sentences seem too light. The mandatory sentence for child pornography production is 15-30 years, with potential fines. A first time transporter of child pornography faces fines and 5-20 years in prison. Previous offenders may face harsher sentences. Aggravated sexual assault is a 1st degree felony and carries a potential 5 to 99 years in prison. Child abuse charges ranges from a few days, months or years for misdemeanor, up to many decades for a felony offense. Pretty much all convicted this year are required to register as sex offenders. To view sex offenders in your area use the Department of Justice NSOPW https://www.nsopw.gov, or find your state’s local sex offender registry. You can also download an app to track sex offenders in your area via pedophilesdontdiscriminate.com. Lots of sentences carry a fine with them to be paid to the state, or require the defendant pay restitution directly to victims. Are these long enough sentences? Where do the fines get allocated? Do pedophiles who live through their prison sentence to get released ever truly become rehabilitated? Given the number of repeat offenders from this year alone, the rehabilitation plan for pedophiles must be reevaluated.


Proper Punishment


Out of those prosecuted every year, how many pedophiles are still roaming free and/or are unable to be punished because statute of limitations have run out, they didn’t admit guilt and there wasn’t hard evidence, or other? The end goal of many of these predators is to keep corrupting others, so they will continue until we catch them redhanded. The fact pedophiles escape justice everyday proves we must face the true reality of their nature and fully evaluate potentially dangerous people in our lives. For the record, many convicted male pedophiles who are deemed heterosexual and dated or were married to adult women, would target young boys and girls. Likewise, female pedophiles, despite their sexual attraction to male or female adults, would target both sexes, so there is no sexual preference that determines who will molest a child. 


Many benevolent humans around the world are vocal about wanting pedophiles to be seriously punished and/or receive the death penalty. This collective instinctual wish, to eliminate a very obvious threat from existence, often plays itself out in one way or another. Sometimes family members or friends of the victim seek direct revenge. Oftentimes in correctional facilities other criminals take matters into their own hands and either seriously injure pedophiles or flat out murder them. It's been known for decades, that prisoners and security guards alike http://prisonwriters.com despise pedophiles, and guards will even quietly look the other way while the murder or assault of a pedophile takes place. Given pedophiles still exist, something could be said about humanity’s priorities when even our “lowest” members of society, other criminals, take the elimination of pedophiles more seriously than the rest. Here is a story http://www.businessinsider.com painting the murder of convicted pedophile Alan Ager http://www.sfgate.com as a fault of the prison due to overcrowding, even though a former inmate explicitly states “[Other inmates are] going to clean up anybody on that yard with ‘hot charges’”, meaning any charges against men that targeted women or children. Pedophile hunters https://www.theepochtimes.com are another form of justice against these creeps, and sometimes operate outside of the law to bring vigilante justice https://www.rt.com/uk. It could be argued the need for vigilante justice sprouts from a lack of resources http://www.wptv.com being directed at pedophile sting operations and prosecutions, and/or a lack of government interest to capture them. Even though they have lists of pedophiles to prosecute, the President at the Child Rescue Coalition, an organization who tracks pedophiles through online child pornography stings, confirms “There wouldn’t enough prosecutors, there wouldn’t be enough courtrooms and there certainly wouldn’t be enough jail beds.” 

I don’t think it is crazy to say, most if not all benevolent members of society would agree they’d prefer to see more resources directed at pedophiles instead of victimless “crimes” like jaywalking, or criminal charges that stem from parking tickets.


As humanity pushes for full disclosure of all corruption, we must help one another heal effectively by accepting the facts of child sexual abuse, and facilitating proper punishment for pedophiles. Being aware of the grooming techniques of pedophiles is essential. If you’re a parent, speaking to your child about sexual abuse directly so they can recognize it and know to trust you and tell you about it if it happens, is also essential. It is time to evaluate claims of sexual abuse as objectively as possible, and face uncomfortable realities if claims turn out to be true. Of course not everyone accused is guilty, but you must always thoroughly examine. If someone you thought was your innocent friend, partner, family member, trusted member of the community, etc. is accused of pedophilia or rape you need to seriously examine their every move and not let yourself be blinded by denial. If they are a pedophile, and you don't fully embrace the truth because of your own self-denial, every moment you further validate them with your genuine love and approval only gives them means to continue abusing. It doesn't help them get the help they need to stop, and it doesn't help their victims. To anyone who thinks discussing pedophilia is "uncomfortable": the conversation is not more uncomfortable than the victim's experience. If we don’t stand up against pedophilia collectively, we further enable pedophiles and the crimes they commit. Use these horrific instances to study how the pedophile acts, so you can learn and help prevent future abuse. If we follow these steps for exposing and healing from sexual abuse we can stop the spread of this corruption and eliminate pedophilia and cycles of abuse once and for all.


Cited sources:
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General sources:






The Department of Homeland Security has released a variety of resources to be able to identify human trafficking: 


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